Rationalist, effective altruist, and student at Brown University. My current trade is physics, but I have interests across the board, almost all of which I will hit on this blog eventually.

I will not blogroll you, but I have learned more from Less Wrong and Slate Star Codex than any book other than Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, the most-reviewed fanfiction of all time and written in a humanist vein by the same author as Less Wrong. I recommend Thing of Things for a perfect treatment of social justice issues. These people will direct you to vastly more rationality blog fodder if you wish. Lastly I must plug Weird Sun Twitter, the group of accounts with _ of _ names like Deity of Religion.

You can find my shorter thoughts at my mixed signaling/countersignaling Twitter account (but my best friend is funnier than me) or on Quora if you can stand the chaff. Contact is Connor_Flexman@brown.edu.


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